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Old 07-22-2012, 08:46 PM
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Default Sunday July 22

Apparently some action going on in the Embro area....got this from E.C.

Woodstock - Tillsonburg - Oxford County
8:51 PM EDT Sunday 22 July 2012
Tornado warning for
Woodstock - Tillsonburg - Oxford County upgraded from Severe thunderstorm warning

At 8:45 PM EDT, a meteorologist near embro reported a possible tornado in the area. Very heavy rainfall giving amounts in excess of 50 millimetres in one hour are also likely with this storm.

Severe thunderstorms likely producing tornadoes are imminent or occurring in the area. Large hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall may also accompany these storms.

Emergency management Ontario recommends taking cover immediately when threatening weather approaches.
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Old 07-22-2012, 08:55 PM
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Default Re: Sunday July 22

Yeah I saw that warning which prompted me to come here and see if there was more info - I live in Hamilton, and we got royally pounded by a whopper storm tonight. My eyes are open and tracking the Woodstock/Embro cell to see if it poses a risk. So far it looks like the edge of it might just graze Hamilton, heading more for Brantford/Caledonia.
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Old 07-23-2012, 12:27 AM
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Default Re: Sunday July 22

I'm in Stoney Creek/Hamilton and we certainly got a good show here around 5pm to 9pm-ish. The best thunder and lightning I've seen and heard this year! We had LOTS of loud cracks and constant flashing lightning! I must say, I was pretty impressed tonight! It's pretty much gone now... just some light rain at the moment It did last quite a while though so I guess I shouldn't complain... We might get a little something tomorrow, but I don't see it getting as good as it was tonight. It's been a crappy season for storms around here this year. The last couple of years too I'd say. We haven't had much in the way of tornadoes either. Not like I'd want a tornado to run over my house, but I would like to watch one in an open field where there's no one around! lol. I've kind of been obsessed with storms since I was a little girl. I would fall asleep in front of the sliding glass doors watching storms all the time, lol. Anyway, fingers crossed for tomorrow!
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Old 07-24-2012, 08:23 PM
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Default Re: Sunday July 22

I was not in the city, but my parents say it was sunny as heck there while Niagara Falls, NY (where I was) was slammed. The clouds starting rolling in when we were at Target, it started to thunder while we were in there and as we left, it was spitting. Many crawlers to our right, sun to our left. We got to Walmart, it was still building, not that dark yet but the rain was harder. We had to run and were soaked by the time we got there. It was loud thunder and intense sounding rain while we were inside. When we came out, it was so hard we couldn't see the cars in the parking lot. We made a run for it after much debate and we might of just as well jumped into a river. We were that soaked. We could not move the car, the rain was so hard, we couldn't see anything for a good 20 minutes. Thunder was still loud, it was dark but the lightning wasn't as awesome, just flashes.

When we could see, we moved along, but one other thing I must say...the US needs to figure out proper draining tech's. Streets were flooded, parking lots were fraggin' lakes. I mean LAKES. On top of that we went to Valu (the one near Sams) and the building was so old that it was raining inside the awning, down the windows, down the door seams and even inside the store!


St. Catharines, Ontario
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Default Re: Sunday July 22

Tornado confirmed in Embro, Sunday July 22:

AWCN11 CWTO 271531
Weather summary for all of Southern Ontario and the
National Capital Region issued by Environment Canada
At 11:24 AM EDT Friday 27 July 2012.

==weather event discussion==
Brief weak tornado in Southwestern Ontario last Sunday July 22nd

Environment Canada continues to investigate reports of severe weather
from last Sunday and Monday. An Environment Canada employee witnessed
a brief, weak tornado to the northwest of the community of embro in
Oxford County at around 8:50 PM on Sunday, July 22nd. The tornado
only lasted for a few minutes in a field and did no appreciable
damage. This event was rated as a Fujita scale zero tornado with peak
winds to 110 km/h. It is the 6th tornado of the season in Ontario.

Ontario normally gets around 13 tornadoes each year in a season that
runs from late April until early October.

This weather summary contains preliminary information
And may not constitute an official or final report.

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