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Picture Gallery The Picture gallery - please add your own weather shots to the collection! Clouds, lightning, sunsets, etc. For pictures of specific storm events, please add them to the "yearly" forums. This forum is more of a 'general pictures' area.

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Old 08-07-2011, 11:29 PM
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Default August 7/11 Middlesex Storms Tornado Warning

These storms prompted a Tornado Warning from EC at 6pm , The first cell that I saw come through London was the one responsibal for it. It had classic structure for a tornadic storm

Radar a little before most of these shots were taken

Looking west at the time of the scan

A little later there was rotation on the base to the right, Nice inflow tail at one point

A little later after taking some video it was much closer than before but smaller, a lesson here is the storm was shedding this rotating base and a new one was probably forming on the other side of the core

Now I began to follow and the base tightened up for one point nicely almost overhead as I headed to the SW edge of town

Noisy shot because I had it way to bright by accident

By the time I got to the countryside it was falling apart really fast

I decided to follow it to its demise because I had no chance of catching up to the other side of the core in time

It became a circular rotating cloud on the NE side of the storm and shriveled into thin air

Now a grab of when I was between two large cells

This was a little after the Tornado warning was issued for the southern cell

The southern cell was on the left, this was around 6PM
The other side of the core is where one would want to be

The other cell north of it

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PICTURE OF THE MOMENT - Photo by: Itchy (Apr.12, 2014, London, ON)

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