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Old 11-14-2010, 05:43 PM
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Default August 15/08 Middlesex, Elgin County Storm Chase Rotating Storm

Had a nice chase this day that began just on the southern edge of London and took me to the SE corner of Middlesex and maybe into Elgin county. The first thing I like when leaving was the edge of a rain core that was actually reflecting off the ground and curling back up into the air it was hitting so hard.

This shot is badly blurred but it's pretty easy to make out

Now I was south of London there was a lot going on all around me, to my west the core from the above image was still going on and was very interesting to watch...... the entire time that same edge of the rain core was doing weird things

and a zoomed in contrast blasted shot of the rains edge, I haven't seen anything like this in person again myself but I see it in chase videos now and then , there was rain and wind really low rushing right to left relative to my viewpoint in the image then it just goes vertical and looked like it was even spinning at times a bit

To my east there was a large grouping of messy storms all clustered together, but to my south there was this lone cell heading ENE not ESE like everything else. It was small but had good motions in it's base and looked like it was trying to organize some rotation. I began to follow and noticed it was moving a lot faster than the mess of storms to its east, luckily for me when it hit them the cell began to explode

Here is the cell a little before it hits the mess ahead

About 15 minutes after the above shot, it goes lp and shows isolated rotation in the base !

This was the view north at this time, a nice anvil from a decaying cell nearby

The cell that I was chasing now began to drop rain again and showed signs it was trying to rotate on a larger scale now, the area of the base around the small core was rotating slowly

About ten minutes later I'm a lot closer. The cell was smaller but organized, the low clouds on the left were heading left to right and the rest was moving the opposite. The area of the base just right of the rain core was showing some decent rotation

Crooked shot while trying to stay with it in annoying hilly terrain I think I was in Elgin county now the cell was trying to get a wall cloud going with a ragged inflow tail.

It manages to make a cool wall cloud that showed some great rotation and a funnel like formation for about 15 minutes then it fell apart

It was now beginning to fall apart but was as it did it went from the first image below to a big spinning base with rain core in the middle

the cell became a big HP storm that looked pretty nice but became outflow dominant fast and roared off onto the great lakes

At this point and time I had to head back for work as I was already going to be an hour late at this rate

on the way a grouping of clouds gathering caught my attention, the lowering here was surprisingly quick motioned with some good vertical motion and slight rotation even!

I was weeping now was driving into the core heading back to London, this was around 10 minutes or so after the above shot. I tried to get the core and same lowering as above into the shot to show the good distance between it had. I was in such a rush I didn't notice the lowering was out of frame, it was symmetrical in shape so you can imagine it's other half, it was indeed rotating faster than anything I had seen all day.
30 seconds or so after this picture rain and small hail hit me like a wall

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