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Member Photo Album Threads Post all YOUR photos into your own thread!

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Old 04-02-2010, 10:09 PM
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Exclamation Create your own photo album thread! (read this for info)

Just start a new thread, and keep posting your new photos into that thread!

To show your photos to other, just copy the URL of the thread and paste into emails or anywhere else.

You can even edit and close your own threads, so if you don't want anyone else posting comments into it (that way YOU are the only person who can post into it) just click Edit, then Close Thread.

IMPORTANT: you can copy/paste the attachment thumbnails directly into another thread on this site. So if you get some good shots of a storm on a specific date, and there's a thread started about that storm in Storms forum, you can just copy the thumbnails then paste them right into that thread, which saves you from uploading them into 2 separate threads, and also saves disk space on the server.

You can attach your photos directly onto a post (just click the "Manage Attachments" button in the "Additional Options" section when entering the thread), or you can use a 3rd party image host like ImageShack, ImageVenue, etc. The advantage of attaching them is that you can mouse-over a thumbnail once it's posted, and it will show you the # of times that photo has been viewed. Also, if you attach your photos, your thread title will show how many total pictures you have (it will append a [x32] for example if you have 32 photos attached). IMPORTANT: Please observe the maximum file sizes which are displayed for each file type at the bottom of your manage attachments window! Any images larger than the maximum size WILL have a thumbnail created for it, but WILL NOT be stored (so the thumbnail will just go to a blank page). As of right now (Apr.2/2010) the maximum file size for JPGs is 500kb. See image editing below:


If you use a good and small image resizer (such as Irfanview ) to resize your photos down to 1280px wide, you should never have a problem with the maximum file size limit. Even 1400px wide should be fine. IrfanView can resize thousands of images in one shot, and create new files for the new images (so your originals remain untouched). You can also put a 'tag' onto your images (showing location, date, your name, etc) using a great little program called CopyRightLeft. Both Irfanview and CopyRightLeft have been attached to this post so you can download them directly right now!


Get creative, but just make sure you have your username FIRST in the thread title.
Bill's Storm Photography
ChaserX's Pictures
Debbie123 Photo Gallery

etc, etc..


Since you can edit your own posts, you may want to have one post all one type of pictures, and other posts for other types. Example: post #1 in the thread could house all your lightning photos, post #2 could be all your chase photos, post #3 could be just for storm clouds, etc, etc. But how you decide to categorize them (if at all) is up to you!


Just go to the post you want to edit, click the "Edit" button below it, then click "Go Advanced" and you'll have the "Manage Attachments" button available to you if you. You can use that to add more photos to that particular post.
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