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Old 07-05-2011, 06:43 PM
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Photos obwans storm shots

this is the storm july 2, from Niagara-on-the-Lake. these are still images taken from a video, the camera shoots 12-15 frames per second. I find it ineteresting that the lightning actually pulsates when broken down into those small time segments. I don't know if you can view this as a slide show but it gives a better effect.
Attached Thumbnails
Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.50_[2011.07.04_18.39.22].jpg    
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Size: 49.9 KB    
ID: 5111      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.50_[2011.07.04_18.41.05].jpg    
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ID: 5112      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_18.41.20].jpg    
Views: 1174    
Size: 50.5 KB    
ID: 5113      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_18.41.34].jpg    
Views: 1158    
Size: 53.8 KB    
ID: 5114      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_18.41.50].jpg    
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Size: 55.2 KB    
ID: 5115      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_18.42.01].jpg    
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Size: 54.3 KB    
ID: 5116      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_19.46.02].jpg    
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Size: 48.5 KB    
ID: 5117      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_19.46.29].jpg    
Views: 1174    
Size: 46.3 KB    
ID: 5118      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_19.46.46].jpg    
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Size: 36.9 KB    
ID: 5119      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_19.47.01].jpg    
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Size: 41.5 KB    
ID: 5120      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_19.47.13].jpg    
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Size: 36.6 KB    
ID: 5121      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_19.47.25].jpg    
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Size: 60.3 KB    
ID: 5122      Name: SDC11275.MP4_snapshot_00.51_[2011.07.04_19.48.43].jpg    
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Size: 52.7 KB    
ID: 5123     

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