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The Truck Stop: Storm Talk & Chit-Chat General talk on past, current, and future storms - all talk about UPCOMING storms goes here

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Old 08-24-2009, 10:48 PM
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Default Rules / Media Contacts / Mobile phones + OntarioStorms !


OntarioStorms.com over the last decade has come in dire need of re-organization. With all the pictures, infor, media, listings, etc, etc.. it had become a navigational mess.

This forum layout will provide a MUCH better structure to everything. The BEST part about the new layout, is that YOU will be able to share YOUR pictures and videos an discussion with everyone else who visits the site!
Over the past decade many people have been emailing me their photos and information, which I have to in turn fire up the web editor, add everything, create the links, etc, etc. This will now be able to be done by the actual persons themselves.

As with anything when people can contribute their own material, there's got to be rules. So, here they are :


This board was created to talk about storms. Please stay on-topic of weather/storms or related subjects. Acceptable topics for discussion are: weather/storms, HAM radio, storm chasing equipment, astronomy. Exceptions (such as earthquakes, or other natural events affecting the immediate area) can be made. But otherwise please stick to weather related topics only.

* No hacking/flaming
or otherwise posting negative comments to other users. Doing so will result in immediate suspension of account.

* No profanity or disguised profanity using symbols to replace letters.
This applies to the live chat (chatbox) as well. If you can't talk without swearing, please don't enter messages - thank you!

* No discussion of site rules/policy. This is not a public site, it's a private site (paid for entirely by DarkSky) that is open to the public. Think of it as a coffee shop. Privately owned and operated, with each setting their own rules for customers to follow, but open to the public.

The "Truck Stop" forum is for general chit-chat. Even so, please try to put as much content into each post, causing less overall posts (ie: no one-liner replies please). The other forums are for information, pictures, videos. Please only post in them if your posts helps make the thread more valuable to the reader. If you want to say thanks to someone for making a good post, please use the "Thanks" button.

It's frustrating to read a reply by someone, and have NO idea what they're talking about or who they're talking to. Please use the QUOTE button to reply to a post, and cut out all irrelevant stuff from the quote and leave in the text you're posting the reply about. This makes your post SO much easier to understand.

When posting pictures, or videos that you are not the owner of, FULL CREDIT must be given to the owner, as well as contact information for that person and a statement saying you have been given permission to post them. Contact information to the owner must be given as it will be checked with them. When posting pictures you've found elsewhere on the net, you must post the source with FULL URL (page location) to where you downloaded them from.

This forum is set up to allow HTML into posts, so you can simply copy and paste HTML from other pages straight into your message. PLEASE do this, and do not just post lots of links off the site. The whole purpose of this site is to get as much locally-stored information, pictures, etc... housed right here inside the forum. If you run another site, I don't mind you having a single-line link to it in your signature, but please don't use your posts just to drive more traffic to your site. Doing so really diminishes the content and purpose of this forum. So if you have a page already set up elsewhere, and want to share it all on here, simply copy and paste it all directly into a msg here.

* When posting E.C. or SPC forecasts/statements, please CODE the text
. Just select all the text and click the "#" icon at the top of the message editor. This is to place it in it's own box so it doesn't fill up screen after screen.

Helpful: If everyone could click the
Settings link on the top left, then go down to Edit Signature and just enter your Town, Province/State that would be helpful. 'Just so we know what part of the globe people are posting from

Please remember, this site is open to the public but it is NOT a publicly-run site. I pay for it entirely out of my own pocket, which in effect makes it a privately run site. Please respect the rules as they are here to make this an enjoyable place for everyone. Thank you !!

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