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Photos Jun.21, 2000 - storm chase

Hi-8 camcorder video captures:

St. Catharines, NNW over Lake Ontario

St. Catharines, NNW over Lake Ontario.
Tail-end of the storm had a nice rain core.

NOTL, driving east.
NOTL, driving east. Storm moving same direction.
50,000ft cloud tops
NOTL, storm base, facing north.
NOTL, storm base, facing north.
NOTL, storm base, facing NNW.
NOTL, storm base, facing NNW.
NOTL, storm base, facing NNW.
NOTL, storm base, facing NNW.
I -was- in good position until the clouds above me
formed quickly and the base went black. At this point
I was on the phone with Paul Snobelen getting
radar updates from his computer.

NOTL, storm base, facing NNW.
The clouds at the base were dancing around all over
the place - some *amazing* low-level movement.
Entire base was doing a complete circle [slowly].
Meso signature was shown on doppler at this stage.
Horizontal shear was incredible too. Still LP. Severe
thunderstorm warning in effect for the area of the
western NY that this storm was heading.

NOTL, storm base, facing NNW.
NOTL, facing east. Cloud lowering shot down right at
the tail-end of this storm as it grew into a mature
50,000 ft monster.

NOTL, facing east.
The mature storm as it moved east into the USA.
(Probably a good 20 miles away at this point)
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