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Default Re: Thursday, June 8, 2011

I was kinda freaked out by this warning at 1:30am. I heard a few rumbles and I thought it might be a truck or something passing by, but when I went out to investigate it, there were hundreds of strikes of lightning that I didnčt notice before because I have my windows blacked out. I was really excited, but also worried because I seen 6 watches and warnings posted on It definitely was an intense storm. I actually started getting my 6 cats into the basement because a Tornado warning was posted for my area and they said that I need to get into a basement immediately. Well, I waited it out and by that time, the storm seemed to have passed. I was a little shaken up because I dont see many official tornado warnings for Hamilton. Apparently, from what I have heard, there might have been one on Hamilton Mountain. Nothing is confirmed yet I think. Anyway, I hope we get more of these. We might get some action tomorrow morning... at least I hope so! GOOOO TORNADOOO!!!!!
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