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Default Re: Friday, August 4th Storm Potential

Originally Posted by Skies View Post
Timing is key for me...when to leave work to get in place for some shots? 😃. And, do you try and chase around Barrie on the Friday of a long weekend? I have never chased in the Niagara area. Is that decent chase territory (i.e. Flat and open not so hilly and treed)?
As said above ^^, southern Niagara is pretty flat and also rural.

Northern Niagara (where I am) Is *TERRIBLE* for chasing. Hilly, lots of urban areas, congested roads.

Niagara in general is not good for chasing: you have Lake Ontario blocking you to the north, Lake Erie blocking you in the south, the Niagara River (and USA) blocking you to the east. If the storm is already *in* Niagara, then fine. But if you plan on actually chasing a moving storm, Niagara is probably the worst place a storm chaser wants to be.
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