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Default Re: All Ontario Confirmed & Probable Tornadoes

Originally Posted by Derecho View Post
Surprisingly, almost every year of the last 10 or so there have been and still are several tornadoes that were not publicly confirmed in statements or summaries. I've seen this in over and over in the data-set. Example April 25 2009 -- EC only publicly confirmed what two or three tornadoes? Yet I believe I saw six in the data including an F1 in Kitchener.

I think EC simply doesn't have the time to have some drive around looking at damage.

There's been a few here in Niagara too, some even confirmed by specialists (not EC), but since it's not EC it's not in their stats.
You have to remember that for every 1 confirmed tornado by EC, there's probably 2X as many unconfirmed that have been witnessed by people, and maybe 10X as many unconfirmed that occur where there's no people. One of the reason the US has so many 'more' tornadoes than Canada is they have 10X the population, smaller area, MUCH smaller unihabited areas, and more resources to witness and confirm.

EC's list of confirmed tornadoes might make up for about 1% of actual tornadoes occurring within the country. Heck, radar doesn't even reach most of the country so they have no idea what's going on there.

My point of all this being, recorded statistics in Canada compared to actual events, are night and day from each other.
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