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Default Re: Semi Trailer Flipped by El Reno EF5 Tornado - Full Version - 31st May 2013

Thats true ! The guy in the video wasn't really bright but remember in storm chasing situation, alot of person take alot of unsafe decision. You probably saw that in many video, alot of car is going the wrong way !! Its crazy ! Its like there is nobody else with them on the road. If you wanna see a situation like this watch carefully at : 4 minute 10 sec of this video : a least 3 vehicules was on the wrong side of the road.
Chasing storm is not for everyone that's for sure ! I was the other day in Quebec following other chasers and they were driving at around 145-150 km-H until I call the chase over with them ! They were not going where we needed to be and I turn around and left 3 cars going the wrong way and risking not only their life but others life too ! I finaly 1-2 hours later get a pretty nice funnel cloud totally the opposite way !
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