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Default Re: June 28th Storm Threat / Chatham tornado warning

Spencer Sills and I were on that shelf. We saw 2 wall clouds and a funnel. The one was over Chatham and cycled up again on the east side of the 401. We then drove to the edge of the hail shaft and ran into ping pong sized hail. I then turned us back E and then headed for the back of the cell as it went over Lake Erie. It quickly died over Lake Erie. There was not a lot of CG's but the anvil had a pile of little ones. In just one minute of video I got 25 clear bolts out the side. I was really wanting an out of the blue lightning but didn't have it happen during that time period. We were told it reached 45,000 feet. Quite a little cell, was glad to leave Niagara for that one, that day.
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