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Default Sixth tornado of season confirmed (EF-1)

Looks like August 2nd is turning out to be the BIG day this season. This makes four tornadoes from that line of storms.

From Environment Canada;

Sixth tornado of the season added to the list from the storms on August 2nd.

A series of strong thunderstorms crossed southern Ontario during the afternoon and evening of Sunday August 2nd. The storms on that day resulted in damage across parts of southwestern and southcentral Ontario. Three tornadoes had previously been confirmed from these storms and now further investigation has yielded a fourth that occurred in the Millgrove area, northwest of Hamilton, at approximately 10 pm on august 2nd. Additional information provided by a storm spotter concerning the damage in the Millgrove area indicated a relatively narrow path of damage about 200 metres wide and 1.7 kilometres long. The damage consisted of tree and roof damage with some of the damage lying in different directions. The damage was consistent with an Enhanced Fujita Scale one (EF1) tornado with peak winds between 135 and 175 kilometres per hour.

This now brings the total count of tornadoes in Ontario this year to six. Ontario normally confirms 12 tornadoes each year in a season that runs from late April until early October.
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