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Default Re: Open chit-chat thread - no weather talk :)

So, I won't be moving to Toronto this summer after all. I was operating under a misunderstanding - I won't go into it in detail, but basically I thought you had to be in Ontario to get into this particular academic program at Humber College. That *used* to be the rule, but it isn't anymore. Knowing that now, it's obviously not worthwhile to move to Toronto - a potentially very costly mistake has been averted. We'll be moving back to Winnipeg instead to save money, though I may be back in Ontario eventually - we will be applying to that program at Humber. But it could be a while and it's not even a sure thing.

That all said, I'm not sure what my presence on this forum will contribute, seeing as how it's about Ontario storms. I suppose I could create a thread in the "Canada" section and update it with comments on Manitoba's storm season from time to time though.

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