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Default Re: Thursday, August 16th Threat

Originally Posted by Storm Chaser View Post
the NMM hi res model shows all of Southern Ontario getting destroyed tomorrow, as well as the NAM which shows a massive squall line moving through. Cape values are not high, but do not need to be to support linear storms. I personally disagree with SPC. They have been way off lately, and dont even have us in the thunderline today even though I think some areas will see some strong storms today. They are already forming with big cells up over the Bruce Penninsula.
Cool, thanks for the input. I've learned a lot this summer, thanks in part to this forum

I will definitely be out chasing tomorrow, as it could be my last opportunity of the summer since I'll be out of town the next two weeks.

Noticed those storms popping as I was walking between buildings a few minutes ago, lots of nice congestus forming up.

Also I find it funny that we both post on lunch hour haha.
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