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Default Re: Nov.12.03 - MDT for SRN ON

Originally Posted by obwan View Post
heres what darksky posted for 2003, including the nov 12 episode. I recall Niagara Falls getting golf ball to tennis ball sized hail once can't rmember if that was the time or not.

i found this (12-13 November 2003, Southwestern Ontario: An intense storm system starts with a line of severe thunderstorms and damaging winds the evening of the 12th. By morning, the howling, polar winds gusting in excess of 110 km/h (68 mph) drives snowsqualls over the region, damaging buildings and trees and cutting power to thousands) here.

This from EC, Witches of November Storm

^^^ The 'Witches of November Storm'! That's it!

I remember that, I had no idea we were under a moderate risk of tornadoes that day. Looks like a similar set up to last Tuesday. Strong low develops in the Midwest, serial derecho forms with intense winds behind the system.

That morning, or probably the morning after the day of the MDT, I was getting ready for school(I was in grade 9 in 2003) when the transformer station behind the house blew up from the wind in a spectacular explosion. Instead of a 'boom!' it made a 'zzzzing!' noise- for what it's worth.

The winds were incredible, and though there was no power at home, I was still dropped off at school by my father.

I was at my locker before first period when the lights went out. A group of us ended up huddling in the music room beneath the emergency light, when teachers went around the building on bullhorns instructing everyone to head to the gym. Once in the gym, they closed the school and we all had to walk home.

My neighbourhood was still under construction in 2003, our house was the first built in August 2003. When I made it to the end of the street, a row of townhouses under construction had collapsed in the wind. Also, there was building debris everywhere, it looked like a hurricane was in progress. If I'm not mistaken, winds gusted over 100kmh multiple times in Waterloo that day.

I don't remember any thunderstorms that day or the day before, or even if it rained at all.
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