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Default June 8 Stormchase London to Brant County Strong Thunderstorms

Crazy day, it started with a storm forming over me. I think I recall a watch for a rotating storm over London later on during the chase from a motorist driving by asking about the threat for tornados. All I had to do was drive east a little bit then I was out on the country roads in the sweet spot. Not a lot was going on when I arrived but I was an early bird.

Almost under the base

A shallow Lowering began to form and the storm began to grow

Now an Inflow tail began to form and stream into the base

The base wrapped up now and began to rotate

Now it began to grow

View to the west

and to the North

Now I headed west and along the way a funnel shot down pretty low and had some decent rotation, messy though.

Here it was now a tiny nub but lots of spinning going on

Lowering to the west, Storm was getting bigger and stronger

Last view of the rotating base to my north before I was engulfed by rain

I have traveled so far West I'm somewhere in Brant County now. Storm is still getting stronger a weak spin up occurred under the base and a little funnel. I was looking east into the storms backside.

This interesting feature was behind me

Now the base was going away, it still had wild motions and was heading ENE. A large inflow cloud was streaming into the storms midsection

It was now around 5:30 PM and I had to head back to London on the way back I took pictures of the storms structure

Now here was the surprise of the day, some kind of weak land spout going on in a weird area, I forgot to bring my camera and was using a friends old old cannon so the noise and contrast is really bad, but the dust cloud hanging out in the sun was easy to see this was looking east into the backside

This version may make it easier to see on some monitors, it was eventually eaten by that core

After this heading back I encountered a well structured storm with flank line anvil and wall cloud to match!

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