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Default Re: Anyone still here?

Haven't posted in a long time because work kind of changed in Nature and I work away from home 6 days a week. So my chasing/spotting ability over the years has suffered. Still Lurked here for some time though! Anyways I had the rare chance to do a small chase today with the first cell the track SE starting from Grand Bend today that triggered the severe storm warning. In London on Hamilton road today after the storm driving back I saw and interesting scene. East of wellington on hamilton there were a few trees down across the road and a smart car on its roof a bit further down. Couldn't tell if the smart car was accident related or not because of a police blockade. I have a few crummy cell phone pics of the storm to upload as I was out and about when the cell came in and I didn't expect a decent one today so I didn't have my camera handy. I'll get them uploaded in a bit.
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