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Default July 19, 2019 Tornado Warned Storm in Middlesex

Hasn't been the best year for storms, but this cell was pretty good and well deserved of its warnings. Haven't seen a wall cloud wrap up over London like that in some time! I waited in London in an elevated area that would be great for watching the cell approach. The first few pictures were taken as the tornado warning was coming out on cell phones.

First view showed some nice structure too. Nice wall cloud with rfd to the left starting to cut in and a rotating rain curtain underneath swirling away.

Closer now, the wall cloud is starting tighten and wrap on the left side with the help of the rfd now starting to cut in nice. Rotation was pretty good at this point.

To the east was inflow feeding into the cell, the lifting motion of it feeding of the moist air here was pretty fast.

Here is were I was actually worried there could be a touchdown. The rfd was wrapping right around now and rotation was much stronger than before. Rising and sinking motion was present with the rotation as well making me even more worried. This point was the peak however of the wall cloud's tornadic potential as after I repositioned it began to become more outflow dominant.

Just outside SE of london now, the cell still had rotation but was definitely becoming more linear in fashion.

These images letting the storm overtake me were somewhere south of Nilestown. Though linear the rotation at bese level was still apparent.

Here are a couple pics of the backside of the updraft and and flank line. I avoided the core so I can't really say how big or even if there was hail and strong winds. ** I checked online and it was producing hail around an Inch in Diameter . Glad I always practice avoiding the worst of the core on a regular basis. **

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