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Default Re: Tropical Cyclone Information Statement for Southern Ontario

The station I listen to on the radio in the factory (610AM CKTB) ditched all their regular programming and just did storm coverage all night. It was a nice change. But the storm itself wasn't bad. Sure it was gusty and rainy, but we've had way worse, many times. Our annual November 'wind day' is usually much worse than what we had today.

Driving home from work after midnight I saw 1 tree down that took out a No Parking sign, and some branches, but nothing major. Of course, the leaves on the trees are more likely to blow off than cling on and pulls the tree down with it. I imagine there'll be a lot of leaves on the ground come morning.

But from the [non] damage so far, I would not call this a major storm. Very large storm yes, but not severe.
- DarkSky (St. Catharines, ON (Niagara) )
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