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Default Mid August Minichase NE of London

**typical bad contrast August chase**
was at school during the day, and work at nights so I had no time to chase on weekdays, and of course the best chase days of the year were on them for my this was the only decent thing I went after all Spring and Summer!!!!

On the Eastern of a mess of storms a nice updraft formed and began to show some nice lift and structure considering everything else around it at the time

View of the tiny little updrafts tiny anvil

and the bottom

A clear slot cut into the updraft on the side I was facing and began to cause rotation and a small nub lowering, here was the area of rotation starting up

and the rotating thing I almost want to call a weak funnel, moved like one in slow motion anyways. The clear slot cutting into the storm is easily visible

Storm began to dissipate once the funnel thingy did, it was cool watching the updraft curl over as it left.

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