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Default Re: Newbie: Aylmer, Quebec Area

Originally Posted by Nokturnas View Post
Thank you DarkSky! I'm hoping so too! With my luck I pick the worse storm season ever to get into the action! LOL

ps-- Keep us posted on the activity tonight! thx!
I've got a bunch of links I've collected and put together over the years for monitoring stuff real-time here:

It's basically just radar and satellite sites, forecasts, etc.. I've got that page bookmarked and use it throughout the day just to see what's going on.

Doesn't look like much action heading our way in the upcoming future though. Forecasts are more of the same (sunny and hot). Especially Thursday which for here in St. Catharines is predicted to be 37C (and that's WITHOUT the humidity factored in, which here in Niagara is often unbearable).
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