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Default Avon F2 June 25/09 Middlesex Landspout

This storm chase granted me a brief view of the strongest recorded land spout tornado in Ontario rated F2. It wound up cutting a clean path through a house with the homeowner inside unaware and lucky to not suffer any significant injury. I left London around noon the updraft that eventually dropped the tube was over top of me as the chase began but I kept hanging back deciding what to do. When I realized the dominant area and approached the tornado was dissipating but still spinning debris at its base. As I snapped a couple pics it disappeared

Looking ENE down the massive line

Avon F2 starting up now not visible due to haze and just to the left of the picture I would later find out

Not realizing an tornado is in progress because of the haze and the small size of the tube a wall cloud with a wild rfd was in progress. I

I was Looking ENE here

Then I notice a tornado with debris cloud.....though the camera wasn't good enough to get the bits of debris at that distance This was looking ESE now on a high based muggy flank

It dissipated soon after and I got closer to ther updraft that dropped it and watched it slowly die. it seemed like it wanted to drop another and apparently did soon after I left it dropping an f1...... Oh well but still a good day

Set of Storms North of London Later in the Evening

Large Cell nearby

Some Cores near the London Airport

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