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Default Re: July 15, 2010 Pics and timelapse from London

Originally Posted by DarkSky View Post
Noise Ninja Awesome app/plug-in that will remove noise from high-ISO shots.

And of course if you have the $$$, a nice f2.8 lens gives nice clear low-light shots.
I'm going to try that out thanks !

I use a Rebel Xsi but I find the noise reduction in low light to be kind of dissapointing , I edit all my shots to sharpen and fix the contrast etc.... with the software provided by canon, it's not great and the noise reduction sofware it uses is so bad I never use it all all........

Also I have the stock lense it's garbage but I've figured out its weak points now so I try to avoid them, I would have to say texturing in low light is the canons biggest problem .......

One trick that doesn't always work is to overexpose the shots by a smidge then darken with the software, sometimes it seems to have less noise and others that technique seems to add more......... Sigh, colour scales of thunderstorms are just too cruel too a low end slr
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