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Default Re: Another COMPLETELY USELESS warning issued

Originally Posted by Itchy View Post
Very odd they Issued a warning , a watch would have been one thing!
Yah we were under a watch. There were some dark clouds over the city in the afternoon that produce a bit of rain (I had to turn my wipers on low). That was it. Even on radar there were no big storms near us. I came home late afternoon, started working on the computer. Saw last night that we were under a WARNING (not a watch) the entire time I was out. I have no idea why.

Warnings are supposed to be reserved for IMMINENT danger - as in GOING TO HAPPEN. I just brush off all the warnings now anyway. They don't mean we're going to get anything big anymore. All they seem to mean now is that there's the possibility of something (which is what a WATCH was supposed to be for). It's very frustrating.
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