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Default Re: May 14, 2011 Severe Rainfall in London Ontario

Originally Posted by davefootball123 View Post
What kind of camcorder do you have? By the way, very nice pics and video
Thanks, the Camcorder is a Sony HDR-CX110 Pretty good deal if you can get it for around 320 before taxes. Not a lot of bells and whistles, the format it records in is .MTS and I don't think you can add an external mic for better quality sound and no internal HD......... Sounds bad but it takes respectable quality video even in low light and the basic functions that are there work well. A great starter for me I think. However the low light mode and shake reduction mode reduce overall quality and I kept them off even for shooting in low light.

The still are with a rebel xsi and stock lense and minimal post processing, no layered images or using adobe etc...
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