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Default Oct 17, 2007 Ontario Stormchase/Cold Core

Was a good day for October!
Long lived cold core that I intercepted North of London took me quite a distance away from town. I had to head ENE to keep up.

The chase began with an interesting event, an updraft formed fast ahead of the main line. it looked like something from a warm front not a cold core.
This shot is me looking up its north side.

As I approach a sinking motion becomes apparent on the backside, I'm driving south because I overshot how far north I wanted to go. durr

Here a small area of rotation persisted for a few minutes before falling apart. It had some decent speed to it, no funnel though.

The updraft began to fall apart after that, also the gust front was catching up behind me now from the west

Now under the original updraft, this was my view looking straight up. Some rotation still was going on slowly.

This had some kind of horizontal tube in it, but fell apart fast.

This feature was rotating, had a circular shape inflow tail and lasted around half an hour changing shape, so I want to call it a wall cloud. I still think it was odd though forming from a cold core right next to a weak gust front...

Here it is early on

About 20 minutes later it had become this! With good rotation and inflow tail still, the side on the right of the image had the most intense motions.

Here it was about ten minutes later, a lot weaker than before but still spinning a bit

Southern edge of the core had a neat feature on it now and LOTS of cg's

another 15 minutes or so later the dying wall cloud made one final appearance change, I had caught up to it finally!

After that it finally fell apart for good, I then decided to head north into the core then west and see what was up with the north side..... I saw a nasty looking line with a pocket of intense vertical motions; I followed for awhile until it too fell apart.

Here is the view coming out of the core

getting closer, strongest up motion was the area right above the road

Last shot I take on the way back as the system weakens

This little guy was in London and had some rotation! Nice surprise on the way home

This even smaller one had a small anvil downstream and some rain and an inflow tail!


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