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Default June 21/12 Thunderstorms in London

Some decent gusts, wind, rain and lots of cg's with this days set of storms, could only take a few shots as the line came in because I had to work sadly so I couldn't chase the cell being dropped right onto my lap so to speak

Anyways the main cell was just north of town at the time and a LP cell was forming south of it heading over London with some nice rfd cuts occurring and rising sinking motion in the base of the flank.

It was a line with a lot of small towers rising up at the time

It was sucking up moisture and building (looking north)

The base Organized and began the sinking rising motions as to the left of the shot an RFD was chopping into the line

looking west, note the clear slot

Only messy swirls of rotation scattered mostly just up and down motions

Looking east had to take this quick while stopped in traffic

Downtown now this was the core of the storm and the flank that was over me to the right

Another couple cells hit London directly after, lots of rain and lightning
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