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Default Re: Hurricane Matthew 2016

The winds were definitely much stronger off shore. Inland did get some pretty good winds especially from Cape Canaveral up to Jacksonville while it was a Cat 3 Storm still. But yeah, I really thought the winds would have a bigger impact than they did. similarly even though they say the storm surge was some of the highest ever seen in those areas I thought it was going to be way worse than it was. Could have just been the geography of the region. Most of the damage photos i'm seeing are from coastal flooding and erosion.

US death toll was at 10. And most of those deaths were attributed to first responders not being able to reach victims because of flooding or high winds.

That being said, Haiti certainly bore the worst of Matthew. Something like 840+dead and the town of Jeremie was basically flattened by the winds.

Here are some screen caps from the hurricane.

-Storm Chaser and Photographer (Midland, ON)
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