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Default Re: Southern Ontario Weather Website

Thank you! It's nice to be back.

If you're interested, those three blogs all have their own strengths which might be worth thinking about too. Rob's is the easiest to search through because of the way posts are archived by month and year, which is especially helpful 'cause his is also the oldest, going back to 2006 - making it a useful historical resource as well. A Weather Moment is probably the most frequently updated and might be the best at using some technical terminology and analysis, particularly during severe weather season, but in a way that laypeople can understand relatively easily - the focus is still always on the weather that people will be experiencing, rather than the meteorology itself, if you know what I mean. (Here's a typical post from back in June, for example: . Be sure to scroll down the comments section as well, which they use for updates - both Scott and Brad are contributors to the site). JJ's blog is quite useful for certain statistics and I enjoy his yearly top 10s and monthly summaries, in addition to his general weather posting.
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