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Default Re: Winnipeg - deep snow

Another post by Rob on the exceptionally late spring this year in the prairies:

It's looking like 2013 will be the latest spring in 140 years and this April may become the coldest on record. Last year people were going about in T-shirts and shorts in March and there were big thunderstorms in Winnipeg on March 19th...

As for England, it's been around 15 C lately with a lot of cloud bubbling about, but some very good sunny spells (though this morning's pretty grim and miserable). Very little rain - just some light spitting here and there. Just pleasant and benign weather, but it's set to get cooler again and I've read forecasts that May will be cooler than average. I was hoping for some real warmth to help me get used to Ontario's heat again, but alas no luck yet.

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