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Default Funnel cloud in London

well... i would like to mention how freaken energized I am right now. london ontario...just had a thunderstorm.. and I witnessed a funnel cloud form and partially form near the ground.. it was neat to see all the cloud swirl in wisp-like sections into one area.
I was watching the storm roll in. (on viscount..and wonderland rd ontari) like I always do..and i was at the ground floor of my building then ran to the back of the building..checking out the clouds..cause they were extremely dark but had some green highlights to them(i hope that made sense..cause thats how i seen it) then I saw this..more like these cloud wisps..moving reminded me of when u see smoke swirl on a campfire...well. it all rotated together. I was unsure if it was going to touch I contacted 911..just to give the heads up...cause the weather network still said we were sunny. LOL.
it then out of nowhere started to move..then dissappeared as fast as it reappeared. then i got pelted with hail about the size of gobstoppers..for ten mins..sadly i didn't bring my keys so i was the hard hail.

I'm trying to find the software to add the pics to this site...and sorry for the novel. i just never experienced anything like this..and it was AMAZING!!! i hope its not my last time..
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