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Default 2007 Tornado & Thunderstorm stats

2007 STORM DATA (listings below are for St. Catharines - personally witnessed storms only)TA (listings below are for St. Catharines - personally witnessed storms only) = Warning = Watch
Oct.06 10:15 40kft unknown
Sep.26 10:00 30kft Moderate thunder/lightning. Light wind/rain.
01:00 40kft Moderate thunder/lightning. Light wind, moderate rain.
Sep.25 22:10 45kft Moderate thunder/lightning. Light wind, moderate rain.
Sep.11 20:37 25kft Strong winds with very strong gusts, strong rain, moderate thunder/lightning.
Aug.03 04:45 30kft Photogenic lightning - *all* CG ! Little rain, light winds [pictures here]
Jul.19 13:45 40Kft [SVR TSTORM WRNG] Weak, short-lived. Sprinkle of rain. Little thunder.
Storm data from May.10 to Jul.16 lost due to mishap.
May.10 05:00 35kft Minimal thunder, light rain.
Apr.26 15:20 35kft Strong thunderstorm but weak here. Light rain/thunder. Very dark clouds in the distance.
Apr.03 20:15 25kft Weak storm. Infrequent but close lightning/thunder. Light wind/rain.
Apr.02 00:45 35kft Intense lightning, very close/loud thunder. Strong rain, moderate wind.
Mar.26 17:45 30kft Severe thunderstorm watch. Constant thunder, frequent CG and CC lightning. Torrential downpours.
10:30 ? frequent lightning, heavy thunder. Power knocked out in Beamsville.
2007 Ontario Tornado Listing
Jul.08 Paisley F1 Sighting
N. of Walkerton F0 Sighting
Mildmay F1 Large implementation shed destroyed. Debris 1mile away, 50g drums moved.
May.15 N. of Mitchell
Barn flattened, roof carried over 100m. Trees/power lines down. Hail damage to home and in-ground pool. Damage to camping trailer.
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