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Default Re: Rules / Media Contacts / Mobile phones + OntarioStorms !

Please report any SPAM posts! (and thanks to all who have done so in the past)

For some reason this site gets more attempted spam signups than any site I've run in the past. Of the new user registrations, probably 4 out of every 5 are from spam accounts, which is the reason for new user moderation - new users need to answer a variety of questions, and also need to get the 'ok' by myself before they're allowed on. Even with all that, they sometimes DO slip through. Why they go through all the bother, I have no idea, because their posts get deleted within a matter of hours, and nobody clicks on spam links anyway.

So if you DO see a spam (advertising) post, please click on the "Report Post" icon on the right of the post (red triangle) and I will delete it. Thank you !!
- DarkSky (St. Catharines, ON (Niagara) )