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Photos and Video July 17, 2010 Stormchase in Middlesex, Lambton and Elgin County Part 1 + 2

Strong storm Scattered Ontario this day and it's funny because London barely had a sprinkle but watched storms pass by in all directions this day! The first storm I followed was an isolated cell with classic structure behind a line of pulsing cells. For awile it was looking nice then storms began to fire up behind it and ruin any good potential.

Here was the view from my house looking roughly north as it exploded.

It goes from fluffy small wimpy anvil

To this very fast and I realized maybe I should head out

I got a bit closer as it fell apart, lots of cool rising and sinking motions

These are shots of a cell that fired up behind it and was interesting, tiny but tall

Anvil bubbling away overhead

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