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Default Arctic Cyclone Developing - July 22, 2013

I haven't been able to find any other info on this system (other than what I found on CBC)

Over the next few days a large cyclone (low pressure system) will form over the Arctic Ocean, which will start to cause drastic changes in the sea ice in the area.
This system strengthen winds to anywhere from 75-100 km/h over the ocean on Wednesday night into Thursday which will start to shift the ice in the area.
Last August a similar system developed in the area which destroyed 800,000 square km of ice.
This system looks even stronger than last year's, and much of the ice in the area is thinner first year ice, so there could be drastic changes in the Arctic sea ice over the next week or so.

This system will also bring some weather on shore. Although the Beaufort communities (Tuktoyaktuk, Paulatuk) will see warm and quiet weather tomorrow, a cold front will cut through on Wednesday, significantly dropping temperatures and bringing in rain as well.
Elsewhere through the NWT, weather will remain fairly quiet, but with the hot and sunny weather in place, I'll be watching the fire risk as it elevates this week.
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