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Default Re: Here's hoping for a busy storm season in 2016

It was a good start with plenty of non severe hailstorms in Kitchener but things have been way slower lately. It's been warm enough but it only rains now. No lightning.

I'm also hoping for a good season since the last few have been half decent at best. But there have been quite a few notable days for me personally on years like 2007 (May 15, July 8), 2008 (July 22, 31), 2009 (August 20 of course), 2011 (June 4, and 6-8, August 24), 2013 (July 19), 2015 (August 2). 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 were reasonably active years for storms overall, weak and strong. June 4 and 8 2011 had damaging windstorms, one in the morning and one overnight, and the 6 and 7 overnight storms had good lightning. Every year I hope is like 2011.

But yes, other years have been pretty bad, with nothing really terribly memorable. 2010 was...bad. 2012...not much better. 2014 was half decent. Nothing too special for Kitchener that I remember. It's funny that 2010 and 2011 were so contrasting being right next to each other. Was there an El Nino or La Nina during those years?

Back in the day of being a kid and scared of storms, I remember there being some incredible ones in Welland. One I swear had lightning that NEVER STOPPED and could rival the August 24, 2011 lightning. And the wind probably knocked down trees in the area too. Yeah, Niagara used to get good storms. That stopped as soon I started liking storms LOL.
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