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Default August 14, 2011 London Thunderstorm

A day with messy storms all around, this cell was tucked between pieces of junk and would of been hard to find for a storm chase so I was lucky to have it find me on my balcony

Anyways as it came in a weak shelf was forming ahead of the cores path on radar that was headed SW , the shelf was going SE.

This picture is the backside as it heads SE

Then Came the main storm that almost looked and behaved like a weak HP supercell......Even some weak rotation.

There is a weak wall cloud in the back hugging the rain core, the smooth vertical was the one clue plus its length of life and location made sense as well. The smaller lowerings were fast rising chunks of scud with little to no rotation at all to hard to make out but the wallcloud did have some for sure

Wall cloud a little later zoomed in to 55mm it was breaking apart and showing stronger motions now and possible rfd evident by the brightened area to its immediate left

probably 5 minutes later as the cell headed SW the wall cloud was still going SE barely visible tucked between rain cores

Here it had a nice V shape to it!

Finlay after watching it for around 20 minutes it dissipates and the cell starts to go almost straight west with a little southern movement to it still.

The cell and sky changed fast within ten minutes or so and the cell was looking very different.....

Messy bottom with up and down motions in different areas.

The rain came in and it seemed to be weakening anyways...... felt like fall

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