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Default Re: Jul.24, 1999 - tornadic supercell chase

The chase begins... Cloud formations over Lake Ontario (St. Catharines):

Mesocyclone builds up as we enter rural Niagara-on-the-Lake:

Lower bands under the meso:

In the middle of the microburst (Lakeshore Rd., NOTL, ~8:30pm). Judging by how fast the debris and 'packets' of rain were travelling and comparing them to the speed of a car, I estimated wind speeds here at over 100km/hr (anemometer is next :^) We could see leaves and branches in the air everywhere... Newspaper reported that around the same time of this microburst a tornado cut a 50m swath through grape vineyards about 1 mile away from us, pulling the grape wires clean from their supports).
For a movie file (with sound) of this, CLICK HERE! (RealVideo format)

Tree (measured the next day at 11" trunk diameter) snapped at base (St. Catharines) knocked power line down across the street. We actually got there the same time the Fire Dept. arrived!
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