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DarkSky 08-28-2009 06:07 PM

Aug.1999 - various storms of August, 1998
August 24th: severe thunderstorms, 3 tornados, tennis ball hail
http://www.ontariostorms.com/specifi...ic18-thumb.jpghttp://www.ontariostorms.com/specifi...ic20-thumb.jpghttp://www.ontariostorms.com/specifi...ic25-thumb.jpghttp://www.ontariostorms.com/specifi...ic23-thumb.jpghttp://www.ontariostorms.com/specifi...aper-thumb.jpgClick on image for full-size picture.
Click here for my video capture page of this chase!
During the day, a tornado began in Spanish (central Ontario) then ripped through the town of Massey up near Sudbury. Funnel clouds were reported to have touched down around Lindsay (near Peterborough). Tennis ball sized hail came down in Cobourg, 2.5 cm hail in Peterborough. At night, after the front had pushed through the eastern part of Southern Ontario, 3 violent cells poppled up east of Burlington and tracked southeast across the lake directly towards Niagara. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued about 20 minutes in advance. The first storm passed over St. Catharines producing spectacular anvil crawler lightning then dissipated. When most of the city thought the storm had passed, the following storm had built up to become very violent and had began to rotate. It was shown as a mesocyclone on radar around 9:30pm, and a TVS (tornado vortex signature) was shown on radar at 10:30. The thick funnel cloud began over the east end of St. Catharines and touched down in Niagara on the Lake, wrapped in -intense- hail and lightning. It tracked across NOTL and back into St. Catharines on the Niagara Escarpment, where it ripped the roofs of houses and buildings, destroyed 2 cars, and tore trees from the ground throwing them into other yards. Intense lightning knocked out the power in the Port Dalhousie area of St. Kitts for about half an hour, and torrential downpours flooded basements in homes.
Buffalo sounding (midnight, ~1 hour after the storm)
Environment Canada - morning warning
Environment Canada - severe storm warning
Environment Canada - after the storm
Environment Canada - all warnings
Doppler images: 02:56 , 04:36 , 04:59 , 14:33 , 19:35 , 20:35 , 21:36 , 22:01 , 23:01
Radar summaries: 02:45 , 04:45 , 05:15 , 14:15 , 19:45 , 20:15 , 21:15 , 22:45
Tornado vortex signature (TVS) from Detroit station: TVS Summary

August 23rd: Tornados & severe thunderstorms
More to come for this entry - I have to get my pictures scanned and my video capture card fixed...
A cold front pushed through the very hot and humid air in southern Ontario, spawning a tornado just south of Sault St. Marie.
List of the warnings & watches issued by Environment Canada
Environment Canada - specific warning for Niagara

August 10th: 2 storms give severe weather
Environment Canada weather summary can be read HERE.
An intense mesocyclone producing frequent cloud-to-ground lightning passed over Niagara before moving into New York state.

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