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Itchy 02-24-2010 05:03 PM

June 22, 2008 Possible mini supercell
This was a fun day, chased a storm with some crazy rotation. It had very tight and huge midlevel inflow streaming in from the south. The Storm was Nearly Stationary and I arrived late checking out a storm east of it before going west. I should have never stayed on the first storm for a second. Nice cut rain foot circular base spinning and lowering on the base spinning as well, lots of cg's to the right of the frame and some warm inflow feeding into the storm. I was somewhere NW of London. Maybe between London and Park hill......

This is looking roughly west on I think one of the Last Mile roads north of London

Storm is in a weakening state sadly

This shot shows off the inflow at midlevel

Seemed to take one last whack at things with intense lightning again for a moment, but that lasted around ten minutes

Decided to get close as it was moving so slow, on the way there it began to gust out. It was very obvious by the time I stopped for shots again
Looking north here
and above
After this fell apart I dove west and got a weird funnel rotating, and it had two chunks two it
Then a rotating wall cloud
Started to move towards it, the rotation intensified for a bit and grew an inflow tail

The for one last time the storm tried to wrap up

Also a cool dirt devil on the way home , trees were whipping around


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