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Itchy 06-16-2013 10:08 PM

June 16/13 Intercept of Tornado Warned Cell
As usual a storm is coming and was stuck with something hard to shake off. This time taking pictures at a fathers day event. I manage to leave at a tasteful time with a time limit to chase as my car was filled with perishable food. I was on the south side of town and I could see the big one approaching from the NW and to my North at the time an outflow dominant cell was building.


I start to head toward the new cell and it has a much better look to the updraft than the other cell.


I get closer and notice classic structure I would want to see for a decent rotating storm. 45 degree updraft and a lowering feeding of the core.


Storm was just west of London now having warnings issued and it had organized very nicely. Some nice motions as it was organizing further.


Here us when from my vantage point at this stage of the storm the motions were strongest. Lightening activity began to increase now as well.


Wall cloud is still going here just above the annoying roof access. Great motions!


The storm began to cycle at this point losing the lowering as I repositioned. Good motions still on left side of apt building. I let the core hit me after this as I had to get my food in a fridge fast (it was really hot still). Consistent moderate wind and some painful hail. First time I have ever seen such a mix of different shapes of hail!


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