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Itchy 05-11-2013 11:46 AM

July 26/09 Funnel and an interesting merge.
A huge super soaker of a thunderstorm was dying to my south. Was not much for looks but caused some flooding in Elgin County I think.


I started the chase to check out its front side and see how it looked. It was beginning to collapse sadly.


Lines of cumulous began forming and growing/organizing so I blasted North to catch up to hope they formed a storm.

The view as I drove


I finally saw a line beginning to organize in a way you could tell it would be the next storm. This was all just south of St. Mary's


Core now dropping on right side of this image, some nice rotation was present on the right side as well.


A new huge core began dumping to the left of this shot, a clear cut began to hack into the storm and cause a funnel. It was interesting how the clouds were stretching at the small storms midlevel from shear.


Good rotation here


Weak funnel that lasted about a minute


Rotating base looking nice as funnel shrinks and dies


A new core to the left of my photos began to collide with this cell, when it happened a rotating lowering formed and I was treated to a very odd merge I had never seen before. It gave me a brief glimpse of some very nice storm structure and an interesting lesson.

I relocated and by that time this thing begin to suck up moisture and rotate at a decent rate but not tornadic.



Really began to pick up in intensity briefly


Old cell to the right, new one to the left merging and rotation in between.


I began to take marble hail so I backed up, the base I was picturing before is the one in the far distance and low to the ground with a shelf cloud in the foreground running towards me. The base in the background was showing good rotation.


The flank following was rotating as well and almost on top of me.


The shelf was looking nice and the small area of rotation in the back was tightening up but was eventually drowned out by rain and died :(


later that day another cell skimmed London that looked nice.




DarkSky 05-11-2013 03:49 PM

Re: July 26/09 Funnel and an interesting merge.
Beautiful shots!

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