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DarkSky 08-28-2009 06:46 PM

Aug.4, 1999 - Long Point tornado
First 4 photos on this page are copyrighted by Brian Michiel. Thanks to Dave Sills and Brian for the photos. Pictures taken August 4th, 1999 at Clear Creek (near Long Point).
funnel extends down from cloud base
http://www.ontariostorms.com/1999/lo...longpoint2.jpg http://www.ontariostorms.com/1999/lo...longpoint5.jpg
on the ground http://www.ontariostorms.com/1999/lo.../tornado05.jpg http://www.ontariostorms.com/1999/lo.../tornado06.jpg http://www.ontariostorms.com/1999/lo.../tornado09.jpg http://www.ontariostorms.com/1999/lo.../tornado14.jpg http://www.ontariostorms.com/1999/lo...longpoint3.jpg
damage, Copyright 1999 Environment Canada

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