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Itchy 07-04-2012 04:33 PM

July 4/12 Middlesex Stormchase
Those chase started at 730am intercepted at about quarter too, I wound on the SE side of the cell as it was going much faster southward that I had thought.

Radar at time of intercept

Intense lightning with this storm this shot is when I arrived looking east

looking west was just grey/green and flashes of lightning still, very low light visibility. I really knew I needed to go SW to try and catch back up but that just didn't happen the way I wanted.

Here is looking NW at a shelf on the cell, lot's of huge cg's coming down around it and around me here


This is looking straight west at same time as above shot of what I was trying to catch up to in vain

I am on NW side middlesex and that would of been much farther west so I had no chance really, just forgot what it was like to chase a cell moving almost straight south and paid by winding up on the SE side.

Here I catch up to the midsection of the cells southern portion, some rotation in the line here


A cell was closely following this large one I chased, I watched it as I got back into town. Photogenic shelf and a lot of lightning, this cell was smaller but tall on radar (40,000 one point) and looked very nice. However it was slowly shrinking in strength i noticed and that trend continued so I did not chase, it fell apart soon after passing over me.

This was the SW side of the cell






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