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Itchy 12-31-2010 10:58 PM

August 09,2008 Middlesex Storm Chase
Some decent storms fired up all over SW Ontario this day and the area around London was no exception. Early on some spotty thunderstorms formed and I followed the westernmost cell and was treated to a nice display. As I left to intercept a growing storm to the south the cell I was on really took off and I wonder now if I should have stayed. In the end the cell I went to decided to spit out a great shelf with an area of rotation on the north side of the core so I decided to follow that as I was on a time limit because I had to be somewhere at 530pm :( ........

Here is the first storm building up and showing some rotation of its own

Here it was approaching from the west

Under the storm now a nice swirl formed overhead it had some good spin to it


It wasn't anything amazing but worth the 5 minute drive hehe :)




It seemed to be dieing here but it was really changing

I was now leaving for another cell that had an amazing forward flank pouring out of it but the cell I was on was exploding into a larger scale storm


The new storm's front flank

The cell itself building up to my west



The shelf beginning to form on the North side, Strong outflow winds were coming out of it and there was an intense amount of cg's with this cell



Forward flank dumping a core of its own now


Time to check out this shelf!!!


Now much closer it was looking very nice!!!!!


It began to dump hail as the base went brown/black and the core became green!!!
Rotation was briefly occurring under and area almost right over me, it was the easternmost portion of the shelf and the shelf was headed north



After this I had to leave :(:(:( some video of the day here




Smokin Joe 01-04-2011 08:55 AM

Re: August 09,2008 Middlesex Storm Chase
Thanks Itchy, nice pics......that brought me back to Summer man I cant wait for Spring.....

Itchy 01-04-2011 06:54 PM

Re: August 09,2008 Middlesex Storm Chase
Don't worry I have a few more 2008 chases to post then I need to post the other 90% of the year I haven't yet posted for 2009.

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