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Itchy 05-16-2010 04:09 PM

July 26, 2008 Middlesex Storm chase, breif visual touchdown
It was a very hot and muggy day in most of southern Ontario. A large isolated updraft formed just south of London and was tracking ENE. It was very tall early in life and rock hard, I got to the updraft early in its life before it even began forming an anvil and only a tiny green blip on radar. As I headed east I realized it had some potential to do something interesting

Here was the view looking NE as I approached the storms backside from the west, I was going to stay on the southern side of the base.

Same direction but under the southwest edge of the base

I was now further east along the cell this was my view back west, scud from the south was racing in back there

This was looking straight north at the base, rotation was evident and it was sucking in scud from the east

Now later in the storms life a core to the east was dropping some cg's and dry air was beginning to punch into the backside.
This was looking roughly NW

and looking NNE

Storm had been building for some time, now a nubby solid and curved inflow tail was feeding into the base from the south

I picked a dumb time to reposition, right as I do the base that was north of me was now back to the west and beginning to suck scud up of the ground rapidly, some tubes where coming up and dissipating within seconds, it did this for about a minute.
Here is the first shot looking west

Some more shots, it was sucking up really really fast and had some decent rotation. It lasted on this kind of visual scale for a minute or two. It almost seemed like it was a multi-vortice at the time, multiple tubes were spinning up in the circulation anyways

Here is the shot of the structure looking WSW, it was still causing minor hard to see spinups

Now while some spinups on and off were still happening a new shallow lowering began to form to the original ones south and showed some rotation as well

This one tightened and managed some tiny brief spinups as well

The cell was starting to move faster and I needed to get home as I had things to do that day. I was heading back home and I approached a large cell heading east, this was looking North behind the core.
It really was that green


Derecho 05-18-2010 04:26 PM

Re: July 26, 2008 Middlesex Storm chase, breif visual touchdown
Great pics!

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