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Itchy 07-19-2010 12:33 PM

July 17, 2010 Stormchase in Middlesex, Lambton and Elgin County Part 1 + 2
Strong storm Scattered Ontario this day and it's funny because London barely had a sprinkle but watched storms pass by in all directions this day! The first storm I followed was an isolated cell with classic structure behind a line of pulsing cells. For awile it was looking nice then storms began to fire up behind it and ruin any good potential.

Here was the view from my house looking roughly north as it exploded.

It goes from fluffy small wimpy anvil

To this very fast and I realized maybe I should head out




I got a bit closer as it fell apart, lots of cool rising and sinking motions

These are shots of a cell that fired up behind it and was interesting, tiny but tall

Anvil bubbling away overhead


Itchy 07-19-2010 01:02 PM

JUL.17/10 - Stormchase in Middlesex, Lambton and Elgin County Part 2
I went home after the first few cells, unloaded pics, grabbed a bite to eat, checked radar again and took off NW of London. On the way to a large cell that was just coming off the lake I was stopped by a cell that had an awesome base to the updraft behind the rain core. There was a decent amount fo Cg's in the rain but none under the base. To the NW of this cell a large storm was buidling.

These shots are looking roughly NW of the first cell with an lp like updraft



Ok now for the big one, this was the cell I'm pretty sure that caused the golfball hail near Sarnia.
Here it is getting stronger on radar

This is what I saw in the distance behind the previous cell that made me quickly leave, as I did funny enough the cell died and dissapeared!!!! Obviously the contrast blast is to show off the structure, notice the huge inflow tail!

Now I've gotten closer I'm a little more NE of the SW edge than one would want to be but I was worried I would be cut off trying top make it south. Thunder was constant but no Cg's nearby me yet

This scud was pouring out of the core and twisting back up into the base, there was some very strong lifting motions on the far left side

Now I take some time to get closer I kind of run diagnal along the core towards the edge, not the best idea normaly but I know these roads well. These radar grabs around the same time as the next images, it really looks like a wimpy hook to me.


looking southwest, this had a brief wall cloud like lowering race underneath it at a speed twice as fast as the base itself was going. The wind was flowing into it from my location, I'm looking southwest. The motion were incredible and some rotation was obvious.

Then I drove west into the core a little bit to avoid the worse area to my south then turned south when I was west enough to check out the rear flank as it seemed to be becoming outflow dominent anyways now. I tried to get more pics but the biggest pain today was that the rain was almost always at least at 45 degrees and the lense would get covered in drops in some directions even hiding in the car looking out a window. There was some decent rotation on the right side of the image

And some shots of Random pop up cells behind it

Here is a youtube video for the day

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